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I guess all of you have your favourite place in your hometown. A place, to which you always come back and sit there for hours. In Świnoujście it is a port. In Madrid – El Parque del Cerro del Tío Pío. And in Florence… Pescaia di Santa Rosa. 

Pescaia di Santa Rosa in Florence

My favourite place in Florence


This place is rather unusual and alternative one – you will find it in the middle of Arno river. To get there is not an easy task – in order to arrive there you need to.. jump off the wall. This place is between Ponte Amerigo Vespucci and Ponte Alla Carraia (where I’ve eaten delicious ice-creams – I described it here).

Beautiful Florence, by Arno river

My plan was always the same – the purchase of wine in the supermarket, ice-creams in Gelateria alla Carraia, watching sunset at Pescaia di Santa Rosa and in the end of a day, for a dinner – Margherita in one good pizzeria (the summary of best pizza restaurants you will read here).

Sunset by Arno River, in Florence

Beautiful sunset by Arno River in Florence

This place is definitely non-touristic – mainly locals and Italian teenegers come here. I love all these lovely places by the river – especially these, where next to the amazing nature I can find some interesting street-art.

Street-art in Florence, by Arno River

Pescaia di Santa Rosa - beautiful sunset and street-art


On 24th of July there is a big celebration of Florence’s patron saint La Festa di San Giovanni. I was lucky to take a part in it, especially that the same day is held always another special event – the final of Calcio Storico. It is a unique sport, that was born in XVI and is a combination of football, rugby and wrestling.

In the evening, about 22, the neighbourhood of Arno river was very crowded – all bridges and pedestrian zones where so busy that it was impossible to cross the river. Finally, we managed to do that – we jumped off the wall in a rush and sat down by the river literally in the last moment – right before fireworks.

Fireworks in Florence - La Festa di San Giovanni

And where is your favourite place in Florence? Let me know in the comments!

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