I guess street-art is not the first thing that comes to your mind, when thinking about Florence? 

You are wrong! Florence is not only Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, historical monuments and other classical things.. While walking through italian, narrow streets, you will quickly notice something, that doesn’t match theoretically, but in the reality perfectly fits to these Renaissance landscape – STREET-ART


Work of Carla Bruttini - street-art in Florence

It made a huge impression on me, so I decided to talk with an artist – Carla Bruttini, whose work is visible on Florence walls. I went to her gallery/shop, which is situated in Via di San Niccolò, 44.

She told me that street-art in Florence evolves very fast in different directions. We can say that there are a few main artists, whose work repeats on the street.

It is worth noting that murals that you see on walls are not „real” paintings – artists want to keep the respect for old monuments in Florence. Paintings are copied and sticked to the walls, but it looks very authentically.

Street art in Florence, work of Carla Bruttini

The artist called evolving street-art a new Renaissance – that happens again in Florence, but on the different basis. Streets of Florence become an interesting place, where you can see an amazing mixture of monumental walls with a modern way to art – street-art.

Dhai Studio - works of Carla Bruttini

By creating a street-art work , she would like to tell something important to passerbies.


Work of Carla Bruttini - Kindness

In the modern world, bad news, drama, bickering, information about disasters reach us very fast – we focus mainly on negative thinking. This flower symbolizes the kindness. It’s a gift. Through giving it to random pedestrians, she wants to offer them simply something positive.


Shaman - art of Carla Bruttini

Everyone has something magic inside, like a shaman, inner child, with whom we lose touch because of the reality, that imposes on us how we should behave by setting rules, standards. We go to school, at University, work and in the meantime we start to lose ourselves. This painting reminds us that everyone has this inner magic, positive energy that should try to use. It’s necessary to slow down and find this extraordinary, positive vibe, that everyone has inside. We should appreciate and love ourselves, feel like a remarkable, important people.

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