Best pizza in Florence


During my four months’ stay in Italy I wanted to find the best pizza in Florence! I’ve talked a lot to locals, I’ve tasted, tried, asked every new person from Florence about their favourite pizza in the city and by trial and error I found the best Florence restaurants serving pizza that are worth recommending!  

The availability of pizza in Italy is really impressive – you may find it literally everywhere! In supermarkets, on the streets at night – instead of kebab, even at the university’s canteen – and this is the place where I found the worst pizza ever.. I have to admit that pizzas from supermarkets, like Conad or Coop are also quite good. Especially if you have to survive a couple of month in Florence and you look for any possible ways to save money and not withdraw Italian lifestyle (one piece costs approximately 2 Euro).

Pizza from Coop in Florence


However, in this article I want to show you top places – the best of the best. I want to make it quite practical. I would like you to remember that all of the pizzas I describe below are delicious, made with superb products and all of them are worth attention. Just choose  the closest place to you from my list when you get hungry and enjoy delicious pizza!

My advice: to really try out your pizza and its quality, order Margherita – it gives you the true taste of pizza and verifies basically everything. In Italy there are only three things that make it special: delicious pastry, mozzarella and tomato sauce. Don’t exaggerate with ingredients as it might turn out that your pizza wouldn’t be as tasty as you thought. Also, Margherita is a great solution when it comes to your expenses – it is a lot cheaper than other pizzas. Well, I am addicted to salami so ordering pizza with it is my habit and I just can’t resist it.

How expensive is pizza in Florence? Usually in Florence restaurants it’s 4-7 Euro for Margherita and 6-10 Euro for Salami. Usually you have to remember to add coperto fee, which is basically your table setting (it’s usually 1,50 Euro). Remember that vast majority of pizzerias are closed at 15-19 which the moment when we, Poles, usually get hungry. Before going to the new place, check it out on the Internet!

MUST-DO – Order your pizza to go, at least once, and eat it in some stunning place in Florence – sit by the kerb or on some bench! This is my most vivid memory – magical mixture of taste and landscape.

Girl with pizza in front of Santa Croce Church


Near Santa Croce you may find a lot of great restaurants.


In Pizzaman is simply delicious! One of the best Florence restaurants serving pizza. You can order it as a take away (and as a result skip coperto fee), sit in front of the Santa Croce church and enjoy the taste in one of the most breathtaking places in Florence.

Restaurant Pizza man in Florence

Pizzeria Pizzaman in Florence



Outstanding pizza, the place well-known and rescpected – usually there’re no tables available.

Pizza in il Pizzaiuolo in Florence

Pizzeria Pizzaiuolo in Florence



Florence restaurants are usually designed in a very classic and sometimes even boring style. Malborghetto is completely different – it’s interesting and modern. Moreover, you don’t pay coperto as you order your food at the bar. This is where I have had my first calzone. Delicious! If you feel like eating your pizza somewhere else than  inside, there’s Piazza Sant’Ambrogio nearby where you can eat i on the stairs leading to the church.

The interior of Malborghetto in Florence

Interior of Malborghetto in Florence

Malborghetto in Florence

Calzone in Malborghetto a Firenze




It’s Simple – Santo Spirito = Gusta Pizza. If you pass it in the evening, you’ll for sure notice a lot of people, happily heating their pizzas, sitting on the stair of Santo Spirito Basilic. If you decide to eat in the restaurant, you don’t pay coperto. In the evenings, around 19, there are quite a queues – so it’s worth going there a little bit later. However, if you decide to wait  you’ll get to know that the food is serve very quickly!

Pizza in Gusta Pizza in Florence

Girl eating Gusta Pizza a Firenze

Pizzamen preparing pizza in Gusta Pizza in Florence

Heart-shaped pizza in Gusta Pizza



O’Munaciello is another great option in Santo Spirito. It is designed in such a way that it makes a great place for a date or family time.

The interior of O'Munaciello in Florence

O'Munaciello in Florence



On the same side of the river where Santo Spirito market is located, you may find Da Gherardo restaurant which probably is the place where I have eaten the best pizza in Florence. This place is magical. Sometimes I thought that many Italian restaurants lack this unique atmosphere. Da Gherardo on the other hand, it everything I wanted – pure magic. Exquisite design, friendly service and unique atmosphere.

Da Gherardo in Florence

Pizzeria Da Gherardo in Florence

Pizzagirlpatrol with pizza from Da Gherardo


If you feel like resting before reaching one of the most beautiful places of Florence – Piazale Michelangelo – you should visit L’Pizzacchiere which is located right next to the stairs. I strongly recommend it!

Il Pizzacchiere in Florence

Pizza in Pizzacchiere a Firenze



Nearby the train station and Fortezza da Basso, where many interesting events are being held, there is Pizzeria Spera. It is one of the most traditional pizzerias and it’s very popular among locals. If you fancy thick pastry you should try it here. It is THE CHEAPEST PIZZERIA among the best pizzerias in Florence. Salami pizza – is only 5 Euro, which is really unusual in Tuscany.

Pizza in La Spera in Florence



It seemed to be that eating high-quality pizza at the train station is impossible. But not in Santa Maria Novella in Florence! For a long time I didn’t want to eat there as I believed that good food and station didn’t come together. However, you have to believe me that in Fratelli Cuore, pizza is simply delicious. Additionally, you don’t pay coperto. AND IT’S 24H OPEN! 

Pizzamen preparing pizza in Fratelli Cuore

Fratelli Cuore in Florence

Pizza in Fratelli Cuore in Florence

Fratelli Cuore in Florence



Mister Pizza Firenze is not such outstanding as other restaurants I’ve already described but still, being located in front of Duomo (in the heart of Florence), it is really good – both when it comes to prices and taste. There are better pizzerias, but if you lack time and are nearby – Mister Pizza Firenze is not a bad choice. Moreover, it closes at 4 in the morning – in Poland you are not able to eat such a pizza at night.  Moreover, they make gluten-free pizzas! Second venue is located nearby Santa Croce, on the Via Pietra Piana 82.

Mister Pizza in Florence

 Pizza in Misterpizza a Firenzze

Pizzagirlpatrol eating pizza in Mister Pizza



I believe it’s the restaurants I value east, but still pizza is very, very good. It’s located in the city centre, near Pizza della Signoria. I recommend to get your pizza as a take away. It is not expensive, restaurant doesn’t close up at 15 – 18:30 – so if you get hungry by that time you can safely go there.

Pizzeria Toto in Florence

Pizzeria Toto a Firenze

Pizza in Toto in Florence

I hope this article will help you to make good choices and you’ll be happy with my recommendation! Let me know in the comments if you agree that they are best Florence restaurants (serving pizza)! 

After delicious pizza I recommend you to grab an Italian gelato

Enjoy your food!

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