Zdjęcie kierunkowskazów we Florencji


Florence is, without question, one of the most magic cities in the world. History, art, architecture – if someone is keen on one of these fields at least , he will find thousands reasons to be delighted. This is why hordes of people from all over the world come to spend at least one day in Florence – it means leading a normal life in this city is a bit burdensome. However, in this article I will advise you where to go in terms of the short period. In the following one I will describe my favourite places, but from the perspective of inhabitant.

Pizzagirlpatrol next to the Duomo


Most of people takes their first steps in Florence right here – just after leaving the central station you should head for the church with the same name – Santa Maria Novella. If you feel hungry after the journey, I remind you that you can eat a delicious pizza in Fratelli Cuore, which is situated on the station!

Church Santa Maria Novella in Florence


It’s definitely my favourite place, to which I have the biggest fondness. I was living there for 5 months, but there’s something I never get tired of looking at. It doesn’t matter whether you watch Duomo during the day or at night – at any time it looks equally amazing. I can admire this building on and on. Although I was passing a hundred times next to it, the view of it is something I miss the most. I liked to come there at night – without a herd of tourists, you can feel the magic in the air.

Photo of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence

The photo of Duomo in Florence,, Italy


Beautiful, great basilica, where were buried some of Medici family.

Basilica San Lorenzo in Florence


It’s the another fairy-tale place. It’s possible to meet here some street artists, what makes this spot even more special. There’s Mercato del Porcellino nearby – a market with leather articles and a famous boar – if you pet him, it will guarantee you coming back to Florence.

Photo of Piazza della Repubblica in Florence


It’s a beautiful square, on which is located famous Palazzo VecchioMedici family old residence. Next to it you will find Loggia dei Lanzi, where you can admire gorgeous sculptures – copies of Perseus with the Head of Medusa and The Rape of the Sabine Women. You can find here also the copy of David sculpture and Fountain of Neptune, which unfortunately I haven’t seen because it was being renovated (but I saw pictures and it seems to be amazing!). And the important information for all hungry people – next to it there’s All’Antico Vinaio, where you can eat the best panino in Florence.

The photo of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

The photo of the musician and tourists sitting in front of the Loggia dej Lanzi

the copy of the David sculpture in Piazza della Signoria in Florence

The sculpture of Perseus with the Head of Medusa

Sculptures in Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence

sculpture of lion in Loggia dei Lanzi a Firenze

Copy of David sculpture on Piazza della Signoria


Behind Piazza della Signoria, there’s this magnificent art gallery, to which you should stop by, if you plan to stay more than 1 day (it takes about 3 hours to watch all masterpieces). The view of the gallery is also amazing from the outside.

In front of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Photo of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy

The sculpture of Dante Alighieri in front od the Gallery Uffizi

Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy


It’s the oldest bridge in Florence – there are no words to describe it, you must see this!

Ponte Vecchio in Florence


The Medici palace – it’s worth seeing, especially inside, where it impresses more. Behind it, on the huge area spread Boboli Gardens – you can spend there time in a very relaxing way, provide that you have time – it takes about 4 hours to explore the area. I recommend goint to Giardino Bardini, which are next to Boboli Gardens- from both gardens spread incredible view of Florence.

Sun behind the Palazzo Pitti in Florence

Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Italy

In front of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence

The view of Florence in the Boboli Gardens in Florence

Gate in the Boboli Gardens in Florence

The view of the Florence from Bardini Gardens

Pizzagirlpatrol in Bardini Gardens

Flowers in the Bardini Gardens in Florence


Ovecoming not easy way to Piazzale Michelangelo (maaany stairs) I recommend you to take a break in Giardino delle Rose. You can rest here from the hustle and bustle, admiring one of the most beautiful views in Florence, next to the romantic roses.

The view of Florence from Giardino delle Rose

The beautiful view from the Giardino delle Rose


If we are talking about amazing views.. Piazzale Michelangelo is one of the most beatiful places to see the sunset. The crowd of people could interrupt you a bit admiring, yet it’s worth bringing the bottle of wine and enjoying the moment. ,

Beautiful Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

View of the Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo


Beautiful place – in the evening it’s a very busy square (Erasmus people understand what I mean). In front of the church there’s a monument of Dante Alighieri, inside many known personalities were buried, including Dante, Michelangelo and Galileo.

Church in Santa Croce in Florence


Close to the piazza Santa Croce there is an amazing, large, jewish synagogue. It’s impressive.

The photo of a Great Synagogue in Florence


On the Piazzale Donatello there’s the English Cemetery, where are beautiful sculptures ornamenting tombstones. It made an impression on me, there’s something particular in this place. You can sit on the bench there and compose yourself. Some of sculptures can prompt you to reflection, especially Death holding the sticker, looking for the next victim.

The view of the English Cemetery in Florence

Sculpture in the English Cemetery in Florence

Sightseeing is not everything, I’ve already described where to eat pizza, ice-creams and Italian breakfast!

In Florence guide you will find everything about Florence!

It was my official list of places to see in Florence. My unofficial checklist I will publish later so be vigilant, because you won’t find my hints in any guide!

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