Gole dell’Alcantara and Acitrezza, the beautiful area around Catania

Acitrezza, Catania, Sicily

Are you wondering what attractions can be found around Catania? Oh, there are quite a lot of them! First of all, Catania is well connected with most cities located in the eastern part of Sicily, which I have already written about here (I recommend visiting all of them!). In addition to climbing the famous Mount […]

The Zingaro Reserve is the most beautiful place in Sicily

The Zingaro Reserve, report from the Sicilian paradise, cover

I have always heard only positive things about the Sicilian Zingaro Reserve – both from Polish and Sicilian tourists. However, I have to honestly admit that the older I’m getting, the more and more and I love spending time in the bosom of nature more. Nevertheless, I would never call myself a special #freak of […]

Western Sicily – the most beautiful places and cities

It really doesn’t matter if you are about to visit the eastern or western part of Sicily – both sides are equally attractive in terms of culture, monuments, picturesque necks of the woods and delicious food. It is said that the west, where Arab influences can be easily and strongly visible, is more chaotic, while […]

Venice – the best free activities

Venice, the best free activities, cover

Does visiting Venice always mean going bankrupt? Of course not! In such a popular tourist place, you just have to act a bit more… carefully and strategically! And before arriving, it’s worth doing a decent research so as not to get caught up in tourist traps, so many set for visitors 😉 However, since you […]

SICILY – interesting facts about Sicily that will surprise you!

cover, market, Sicily

Sicily is one of the most fascinating places I have been to, and there is no end to curiosities about this magical land! And it is not only about breathtaking views, the vastness of the sea, sweet oranges that melt in your mouth, the best pistachios in the world, extremely rich culinary traditions, cheerful and […]

Catania – 5 reasons why you should visit it!

Etna, view from Catania

Is it worth staying in Catania itself for a few days? Many people will tell you „no”! And after 8 months in this wonderful city, I have a completely different opinion in this case. I’m furious with all the negative, discouraging opinions on the internet about Catania! It was because of them that I almost […]

What and where to eat in Naples? Best places!

cover, naples, the best place

There are really many culinary reasons to visit Naples. The homeland of the best pizza in the world has much more to offer than you might think! Although the subject of food is equally important to all the inhabitants of Italy, in the South of Italy it takes on even greater importance and becomes a […]

Sicily: Syracuse or Taormina? Where to go from Catania?

Taormina or Syracuse?

Syracuse or Taormina? You often ask me where it’s more profitable to go and which of these cities is more attractive. It’s hard for me to answer unequivocally, because it all depends on what you are looking for and what style of traveling you have. Since you are planning a trip to the eastern part […]

Sicily in winter – why is it worth going? The greatest attractions

winter in Sicily

Is it worth going to Sicily in winter? Will it be warm enough there during this period? Does a short city break in December make sense? I’m already answering you … Well, winter in Sicily was the most beautiful I have experienced in my life. First of all, because I really hate the cold (although […]

The most beautiful carnival in Sicily in the town of Acireale

Carnival, Acireale, Sicilia

Sicilian Acireale is a stone’s throw from Catania and is not the most popular destination for tourists. However, this is a really big mistake! For a very long time, I couldn’t find any power to motivate myself to go there. Apparently only 15 minutes by train from Catania, but somehow I never got there on […]