Best ice-creams in Florence


This year spring in Florence was warming up very slowly.. March, April – it was raining a lot and it wasn’t too hot. However, from the beginning of May, the weather changed almost overnight – the temperature rose till 30 degrees or more during the day and it started to be everyday routine. The question is how to manage to live in this heat?! Easy, you just have to find the best ice-creams in Florence!


The only solution and the last resort is to eat one of best ice-creams in Florence. I guess you heard that they are the best in the world?! It’s definitely true. If you hadn’t eaten Italian ice-creams it means you don’t know the taste of real ones. Generally I am not fond of sweets, yet Italian ice-creams represent a different category! To be honest with you, I think that in Italy doesn’t exist something like tasteless ice-creams – everywhere they’re delicious, they only vary in prize and size.

Their consistency is unique – so creamy and soft. The proportion of the price and quality is fair – one huge portion of two flavours costs about 2.-2.50 euro.

Best gelato in Florence in Gelateria dei Neri

My tip: I recommend you following my tactic – during the spring and summer I share the whole pizza with someone in order to have some space in my stomach for ice-creams! Pizza + gelati = happiness. I miss them so much – in Poland it’s impossible to find such a tasty ice-creams. We should learn a lot on that note and raise the quality of ingredients.

I want to share with you names of my favourite places with best ice-creams in Florence. I discovered them thanks to the conversations with local people and again by trial and error I have found the best ones. Remember not to judge the venue only after one flavour – sometimes they are better and worse.


The heaven exist and has a taste of Cremino. I’ve eaten there my first ice-creams in Florence entirely by chance. Nobody recommended me this place before. I was in rush to meet my friend and suddenly I saw it. I felt that I need to get into (sometimes I have a sixth sense not only to pizza). I tried and… I spaced. If you love NUTELLA, I guarantee you will go out of your mind. All flavours represent the highest quality, but my favourites are: Cremino, Pistacchio i Cheescake.


Gelateria Il Procoprio, Florence - best ice-creams in Florence

Best ice-creams in Florence - Gelateria Il Procopio


In Gelateria Dei Neri there is a huge choice of flavours! In roasting hot days I recommend you to grab granita (sicilian semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavorings) – delicious! I strongly encourage you to try a flavour Caramello di Via dei Neri – but only for people that have a high tolerance for sweetness. It’s the best! Another one, interesting and tasty is rice flavour (al riso).


Gelateria dei Neri - best gelateria in Florence

Gelateria dei Neri in Florence, ice -creams

Prices in Gelateria dei Neri in Florence

Ice-creams in Gelateria dei Neri in Florence


Two bridges behind Ponte Vecchio there is Gelateria La Carraia. There is a big choice of flavours, my favourites are: Arachidi Salate/Peanut Butter i Delizia Carraia (white chocolate with pistachio souce). YUMMY!


Ice-creams in La Carraia in Florence

Best gelato in Florence - La Carraia

Gelateria La Carraia - Florence, ice-creams


Quite far from the center, there is Gelateria de Medici, which decoration is very rich, reminding the wealth of famous Medici family. Cookie flavor – Crema di Medici is the best thing on the planet.


Gelateria de Medici in Florence

The photo of Gelateria de Medici in Florence

The photo of ice-cream in Florence


One bridge behind the Ponte Vecchio there is Ponte Santa Trinita and in the corner you can find Gelateria Santa Trinita. It’s tasty and very interesting is a sesame flavour.


People in gelateria Santa Trinita in Florence

Gelateria Santa Trinita in Florence - ice-creams


My last discovery before departure was I don’t know why not so popular gelateria My Sugar, which is located in the center of Florence. I’ve tried them only once, but the taste was amazing.

Address: Via de’ Ginori, 49/red, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Gelateria My Sugar in Florence and the bike

Ice-creams in My Sugar in Florence

My sugar - tasty gelateria in Florence


Are you keen on the brand MAGNUM? In front of the Santa Maria del Fiore there is Magnum Pleasure Store, where you can create your own Magnum! Cost – 4.50 euro.


Magnum Store in Florence, close to Duomo

Magnum Store, where you can eat Magnum ice-cream in Florence

Magrnum banch in Florence

And where have you eaten best ice-creams in Florence? Let me know!

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