Where to eat in Florence


Okay.. so you know already, that I feed myself mainly with pizza?! It’s not an advertising gimmick. It’s a fact (if you follow me on my Instagram, you know it). So it’s easy to guess, that my primary meal was right her. Many times it happens that I go to restaurant and I dream of ordering something different, like pasta or another tasty dish. However, when pizza is listed in menu, it’s obvious what it wins in the end.. So I have to confess – it was my the most often meal (I described best pizzas in Florence here). Therefore, it’s difficult for me to point out other delicious restaurants, which Florence offers. Anyway, if you wonder where to eat in Florence – there are a few places that I would like to recommend to you and I swear it’s worth going there. 


People waiting in a line to All'Antico Vinaio in Florence

All’Antico Vinaio is without question number 1 in Florence. It’s something you can’t miss. Their schiacciata (typical Tuscan bread) has stolen my heart from the first bite. I must confess, that in the beginning I didn’t trust this place. Why? Because of a herd of tourists, waiting in the line for panino. Did they go out of their mind that they got in queue, which finishes in the end of the Via dei Neri?! The first time I got over it, I believed that it’s a madness, besides I was very hungry and I didn’t want to wait an eternity. I was outraged, I didn’t understand this phenomenom.

Queue to All'Antico Vinaio in Florence

Until the next time.. When I decided to play this situation out more strategically. What if I go to All’Antico Vinnaio at the time when all tourists are after the lunch and they’re resting? Next day I went there about 5 pm and it was actually empty! So it was the moment of truth. When it comes to choosing the right panino, I didn’t have to think a lot. With “L’inferno” it was a love at first sight – there’s porchetta (pork), grilled vegetables (zucchini, aubergine), arugula and spicy sauce. It costs 5 euro but is veryyyy big!

Schiacciata in All'Antico Vinaio

If you’re not hungry enough I recommend you to share it with someone – you can ask them to cut in half. After tasting this I understood everything. Now you should understand it too – it’s the best place for having a panino. This place is unbeatable – the highest quality, the amazing combination of flavours + very efficient service. Despite the lines, everything goes very quickly – guys working prepare the food in a flash! So if you wonder where to eat in Florence… you must definitely visit All’Antico Vinnaio!!

Panino in All'Antico Vinaio



A very important custom among Italians is aperitivo. It’s not only the tradition – it’s primarily a lifestyle. They meet with friends about 7, 8 pm in order to have aperitivo – it means to chill out with a glass of wine or drink. At the same time, when you go inside the bar, you’ll find the buffet with typical Italian snacks – pasta, pizza, different kind of salads and other things. When you order the drink, food is included in the price of it during the aperitivo time. In Florence it’s quite expensive – depending on the bar, usually it costs 10 euro. Anyway, I would like to recommend you the best places for aperitivo in Florence!


It’s the best place for experience Italian aperitivo. It’s located 10-15 minutes from the Santa Croce district. There’s the biggest choice of delicious food and amazing cocktails. I was too hungry to take a photo, so you must take it on faith and go there to try this paradise!



Aperitivo in Tamero in Florence

It’s located on Santa Spirito square. The choice of snacks it a bit smaller than in Kitsch, but still it’s very worth recommending.



Oibo - the place for aperitivo in Florence

It’s a very nice place for the aperitivo, located in front of the Santa Croce Church.



The photo of Colle Bereto in Florence

Do you feel like having an aperitivo in a fancy, Milanese style? So you should visit Colle Bereto- nice place situated on Piazza Strozzi, close to Piazza della Reppublica.



The interior of Mercato Centrale in Florence

Mercato Centrale is located close to the San Lorenzo. It’a a market where you can find different kinds of Italian food – both salty and sweet things. If you would like to try various Italian dishes, it’s a best place to do – everything is located in one place. The interior of place is very nice. I had to try a pizza of course – I must say that it was very tasty, yet for the price of 8 euro (Margherita), even in Florence it is too much. You should go there and try everything – this place is worth the attention. Curiosity: this building was designed by the same architect as created Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – Giuseppe Mengoni.

Mercato di San Lorenzo in Florence

Florence - Mercato di San Lorenzo, the interior

Man speaking at Mercato Centrale in Florence

Mercato Centrale, Firenze



Il Coccolo Fritti e Cornetti in Florence - food

That’s a lovely place, in a vintage style. You can try there different combinations of the fried in a deep oil dough, resembling fried pizza or panzerotto. You can order something sweet – in this case you can choose a filling from the machines (look at the pictures below) – nutella, cream or .. and fill your dough with it by yourself.

Inside the Coccolo Fritti e Cornetti

Delicious food in Coccolo in Florence



If somehow you’re bored of Italian food, or you’re just an Erasmus, that tried almost all in Florence, check out this place. 


The restaurant 100 Montaditos in Florence

It’s my favourite Spanish place, located next to the Novoli University. If you’re an Erasmus (or you just want to try Spanish snacks), you should go there! Prices are low, delicious snacks and spanish wine “tinto de verano” – I strongly recommend to chill out there.

Food in 100 Montaditos in Florence



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