The Brazilian joy of life – Pizza talks – Maiana

The Brazilian Joy of Life - Pizza Talks

Pizza Talks / Open your mind Series of conversations with inspiring people. I admire people and their diversity. I love talking with them, opening and broadening my mind for things that I haven’t known before. This is how my idea was born – to make interviews with young people living temporary in Florence. Thanks to […]

Best pizza in Naples – Gino Sorbillo and L’antica Pizzeria da Michele

Best pizza in Naples - Gino Sorbillo and L'antica Pizzeria da Michele

In May, I decided to visit a motherland of a one true and original Neapolitan pizza. In a second, I will present you the best pizzerias in Naples, and in the next article you will find a short description of my meeting with Gino Sorbillo – worlds champion of pizza making. Moreover, I will describe […]

Day trips from Naples – Positano, Sorrento, Pompeii

The Gulf of Naples area is believed to be one of the most breathtaking and eye-catching places of Italy. Even though, Naples is a place that evokes mixed emotions, locations like Sorrento or Positano may leave you fully astonished. HOW TO GET TO SORRENTO AND POMPEII FROM NAPLES? Getting to Peompeii, Sorrento and Positano is […]

Most beautiful places in Naples – the city of contrasts

Naples - the city of contrasts

NAPLES – THE CITY OF CONTRASTS It is impossible that you have never heard something negative about Naples. The number of such stories is basically impressive – mafia, theft, dust heaps, whipping bags from women’s hands… If you start googling some information about Naples before your trip (and this is just what I’ve done) you […]

Treviso – a small Venice. Why is it worth to go there?

streets of Treviso - small Venice

HOW I ENDED UP IN TREVISO During the trip to Napoli I was quite happy about our stopover in Venice. However, I wasn’t aware that the airport we were about to land at was not the Venice Marco Polo, but… Treviso which is situated approximately 35 kilometers from Venice’s center. I figured out how far […]

Tropea and Calabria – my small guide

Tropea in Italy - my small guide

MAY WEEKEND IN TROPEA – CALABRIA IN A NUTSHELL I didn’t plan to go to Italy again. I have to admit that I missed it a lot (and this pizza too!) but there’s a whole plenty of other countries that I’ve never been to and dream to visit. That’s why my February was the month […]

Mondello and Cefalu – quick trips from Palermo

Quick trips from Palermo - Mondello and Cefalu

MONDELLO – LET’S GO TO THE BEACH Our Sicilian trip didn’t last long – only 3 days. However, it didn’t stop us from seeing as much as possible. After first, very intensive day in Palermo, we only dreamt of resting on the beach. As in this beautiful city it’s not possible to find an attractive […]

Subjective Palermo Guide – food and street-art

Subjective Palermo Guide - food and street-art

PALERMO GUIDE Let’s make it clear. Palermo isn’t one of those places that take your breath away the moment you see it. Before I visited it, I’ve had no idea what should I expect. To be honest, I didn’t find any pictures of some specific places located there. Come on, what connotes with Palermo? Rome […]

Aosta – Mont Blanc, Courmayeur and pizza

Aosta we Włoszech

EASTER IN ITALY Last year I was living alone on Erasmus emigration, far away from my family and friends. Easter time was coming and my parents came up with a way to spend this time with me. Why not to meet each other in Milan and visit our family living in Aosta?

Salento – Torre Lapillo, amazing beaches and wonderful people

Zachód słońca w Salento we Włoszech

Magical Salento Italy – the place I both hate and love. Well… is that even possible? I’ve already mentioned it in my previous posts – it is an extraordinary country but overcrowded with tourists. I’m sorry to say but this massive tourism is what kills italian charm and atmosphere of amazing and breathtaking places, destroying […]