Salento – Torre Lapillo, amazing beaches and wonderful people

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Magical Salento

Italy – the place I both hate and love. Well… is that even possible? I’ve already mentioned it in my previous posts – it is an extraordinary country but overcrowded with tourists. I’m sorry to say but this massive tourism is what kills italian charm and atmosphere of amazing and breathtaking places, destroying all of its originality.

Imagine walking down the alleys of Rome or Florence. Aren’t selfie sticks the first thing you visualise? Well, of course they are.

However, I have some good news for you. There are still some unspoiled places of Italy that welcome you with true italian taste of life and the unlimited hospitality of locals.

One year ago I had the honour to visit Apulia region in Salento.

The sea in Salento in Italy

This region, despite the fact of not being an individual administrative unit, is located in the extremely interesting geographical area. More specifically, where the Adriatic and Ionian Sea meet.

Even though the landscapes are mindblowing, what entranced me the most was the local community. During my five day vacation I’ve witnessed more positive things than during my 6 months’ stay in Florence.

Believe me or not, locals of Salento are known for their limitless and selfless kindness. If you’re longing for some more details see my previous article: I’m begging you, don’t visit Apulli.


Torre Lapillo in Puglia

Today I’d like to describe some amazing and no-tourist-attached place in Apulli. Most of our stay we’ve spent on a countryside – Torre Lapillo. Despite it’s undeniable beauty, it’s not popular among tourists. I guess it’s worth mentioning that Torre Lapillo is located in the Salento Peninsula, in the South of Italy.

We’ve rented a beautiful villa with an outstanding garden full of palm trees and prickly pears! This truly exotic view was always impressive to me.

My garden in Torre Lapillo

Torre Lapillo is a small and peaceful town, surrounded by sandy beaches. Thanks to the poor number of tourists it is a perfect destination if you dream of relaxing and isolating yourself from civilisation.

Beaches in Torre Lapillo


If you feel like having a bit of fun in Torre Lapillo, you might like to visit a charming, 10km outlying town called Porto Cesareo.

Sunset in Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo in Puglia

There is a whole variety of bars and pizzerias, an amazing harbour and nightlife. What’s funny, wherever we went the food was simply delicious. So feel more than welcome to try tasting many restaurants there!


Airplane is always a great solution. And especially Ryanair Airline – there are many affordable flights from Katowice, Kraków and Warsaw. After arriving at Bari, I recommend hiring a car and after your two hours long journey you’ll reach Torre Lapillo.

Pizza in Porto Cesareo

Pizza but not mine!


The best and proven way is to travel in a bigger group – it’s always cheaper and brings more fun! Torre Lapillo is extremely cheap – renting a big villa with garden that is located nearby the beach is really affordable. Remember, the most economic period is right after holiday season – in September.

Check out where I was staying I strongly recommend this location – a troublefree landlord, beautiful house 5 minutes walk from the sea and an amazing garden.

Villa in Torre Lapillo

Have you ever been to Salento? Or maybe you’re planning to visit it? Let me know guys!

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