Where to eat in Berlin – the best pizza, kebab and Thai

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I honestly admit that German cuisine has never been a fulfilment of my culinary dreams. However, this has its advantages, because thanks to that I could focus on what is most important to me and you, that is finding the best pizza in Berlin! But not only.

The capital of Germany is a real cultural mix and thanks to this you will find cuisines from around the world. Would you like to teleport to Turkey for a delicious doner, or Thailand for the original Pad Thai? Go to Berlin! And I will tell you where to go specifically.

Pizza for chunks in Sironi at Markthalle Neun

And what if instead of classic bread for breakfast, eat a warm, fresh pizza that went straight out of the oven a second ago?

Located in the extremely atmospheric Markthalle Neun market hall, the Italian bakery Sironi will provide you with many wonderful gluten-free experiences. Their typical Roman pizza alla pala is pure gold! It tasted identically, and maybe even better than in Rome.

A delicious, wonderfully crunchy dough on the outside, soft inside, creamy mozzarella and tomato sauce gave me a solid injection of endorphins in the morning. They also added a lot of strength for further sightseeing, because this one piece (2.50 euros) was really full.

Thai Park for original Thai food

I have always dreamed of trying the original street food in Thailand. I finally heard so many good things about him! I would never have thought before that just a 4-hour bus ride separates me from tasting original Thai dishes. How it’s possible?

Every weekend, the Thai people meet in the Preussen Park Berlin and cook. You can recognize them by the characteristic, colourful umbrellas, which hide the treasures themselves! It would be hard for me to name all the dishes / desserts that I saw there. The choice is huge!

The prices are low (I paid only 5 euros for a huge portion of Pad Thai!), And the atmosphere was loose and friendly. What more could you want?! 

I went to Berlin with my friend Marta, who had already spent some time in Thailand before. That’s why I decided to trust her and decide what to eat! I did it well, because thanks to it we ate delicious Panang Curry (which I have never heard of before!), Mango sticky rice (great dessert, more precisely glutinous rice with the addition of coconut milk and juicy mango) and sweet-salty coconut pudding.

Although Italian cuisine is closest to my heart, a visit to Thai Park should appear on the list of every real #foodlovers!

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

Let’s set that up. This is not a real, original Turkish doner! This is its very good, but European version (here I wrote what a real Turkish doner and kebap is!).

On the way to the most famous kebab in this city, make sure you go for it before … opening. Unless you intend to spend at least 40 minutes waiting for it (if You are lucky!)! During “city breaks” I have a very busy schedule of sightseeing and eating, so if I go to very touristic places, I try to play such situations strategically. This means that I visited some places not in „touristic” hours. 

That’s why I went for breakfast to the famous kebab! I know this’s a bit crazy, but you have to deal with situation, when time is running.

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap is located in the well-known district of Kreuzberg. Its price is quite reasonable – I paid 5.30 euros for Döner Dürüm. The portion is really solid, and its interior is filled with delicious meat, aromatic sauces, potatoes and grilled vegetables. Everything is wrapped in good quality lavash (cake). You can also choose a classic doner in a bun or its vegetarian version (supposedly equally delicious!). EDIT October 2019 – make sure you choose the bun version! Is amazing. :))

Is it worth to go there? Definitely yes! However, is it worth waiting in a queue for a few hours to eat it? Probably it’s not. Döner is really excellent, however, as I said earlier, this is its European version and now in Poland we’ll find more and more places where we’ll eat something like this (and the delicious KEBZ in Wrocław may serve it, as an example!)

The iconic burger – Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor

Berlin is a very alternative city and this burger house is the best example. Why? Well, it is rare that the place was in … a public toilet! Such things only in Berlin.

I learned about burgermeister burgers thanks to evrdtrp (be sure to watch her insta!), Which added extremely tasty stories from this place. Although I’m not the biggest fan of burgers in the world (although I like them very much!) And generally, don’t know them, the one from Burgermeister made a great impression on me. I ordered a spicy chilli cheeseburger and it was delicious (4.30 euros). In addition, the “street” atmosphere of this place makes an interesting atmosphere. I think this place is a must-go for all hipster!

New York Cheesecake at Five Elephant

They write about this cheesecake in every gastro guide around Berlin and it’s no wonder, because it’s perfect! The cafe is of course located in the Kreuzberg district (this is probably not a surprise to anyone) and it is worth going to this unique dessert. I have never eaten such a delicious cheesecake before! I still remember its delicious, creamy taste.

Turkish Market

Since I went to Istanbul, I have become a big fan of Turkish food. I think that it’s just as good in the world as Italian. Since Berlin has quite a large Turkish community, there are many places where you can try their original dishes and products.

One of them is the Turkish Market, taking place every Tuesday and Friday in (as you can already guess) the favourite district of all #foodlovers – Kreuzberg. If you want to briefly teleport to Turkey and taste the typical delicacies of this country, be sure to visit this place between 11 and 18.30!

And what do you recommend to eat in Berlin? Something particularly impressed you? What should I check next time? Let me know in the comment!

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