Where to eat best pizza in Tropea?

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Those of you who choose Calabria as their tourist destination, for sure will visit Tropea. It is an amazing idea and today I’ll explain why. However, it is the largest touristic location in Calabria which brings the risk of eating… too expensive and distastefully. And believe me – no one wants to leave Italy disappointed.

And this is the moment when Pizza Patrol comes in! My dream is to save you from any possible unpleasant pizza experiences. Eating bad pizza is like a broken heart, isn’t it? Luckily, I found an amazing place that serves really good Neapolitan pizza in Tropea.


Beautiful Tropea in Calabria

I never (well, almost never) eat pizza in random, untested places. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I really don’t have time for a bad pizza. And to be honest, when eating so much of this dish I need to make sure that my calories are healthy and valuable.

Before arriving to Tropei, I’ve done some detailed and solid research. Moreover, a good friend of mine that lives in Capo Vaticano, as well as the hotel receptionist and a couple of other people, strongly recommended me one place – Quei Bravi Ragazzi.


Here you will find Neapolitan pizza, coming out from the wood-fired oven. Unfortunately, our first visit misfired. Italians are known for their saint rule of siesta – always between 3 and 7 p.m. they close all of the venues (well, some very tourist-focused restaurants break the rule, but usually they’re not worth visiting). I was aware of siesta existence but didn’t see what was coming…

We had our breakfast quite early so at 1:15 p.m. my stomach started to rumble. I was quite excited as we still got some time and the vision of a delicious pizza was too tempting.

We’ve made ourselves at home in the restaurant garden and barely have we sat down, the waiter was already beside us, asking for drinks. It was after the noon and extremely hot so we’ve decided to order beer. After, I impatiently waited for the menu… But we never got it. Suddenly the waiter came back with our drink, left them and disappeared quickly. It was quite weird and I slowly started to figure out what was going on.

And I was right – pizza is served only in the evenings – otherwise it doesn’t pay off to inflame the oven for 2 or 3 hours. It is a common practice in Southern Italy so please, keep it in mind when traveling to Calabria. And remember – do not order beer in restaurants. Come on, 5 Euro for a one beer is still a daylight robbery! – especially that in other places (like Vecchio Forno) we’ve pair 3 Euro for 0.5l of wine.

In the evening we gave the Quei Bravi Ragazzi the second chance. We decided on take-away as we wanted to eat in some place and to save some money, when avoiding unpredictable coperto.

Everyone that recommended us pizza in Quei Bravi Ragazzi were completely right – it is a great place with neapolitan pizza. High-quality ingredient, delicious pastry and amazing tomato sauce. No more words are needed as all my reader are aware what “neapolitan pizza” means.

Quei Bravi Ragazzi - Pizza in Tropea

What kind of pizza is worth trying here in Calabria? A complete must-have is the one with spicy Nduja, which is typical for this region. I totally fell in love with this amazing meat. But remember – this is a rarity only for spicy-lovers!

Additionally, prices are really low – Margherita, 3-4 Euro and Salami pizza around 6 Euro.


The second place where I ate a quite tasty Il Casale (which is located near Tropei – 20-25 minute walk), in the Santa Domenica town. Here you will find classic italian pizza which is made of thick and crispy pastry – just like the one Magda Gessler talks a lot of.

It is not a necessity to visit it during your visit in Tropei but it’s worth giving it a shot. The service is really nice, and there is a charming garden where you can enjoy your food.

Pizza in Il Casale in Santa Domenica

So how did we get there? I guess this was lucky fortune. Those who follow me on the Instagram are aware that one day we went on a 10km trip from Tropei to Capo Vaticano. It was extremely hot and the road was so spiral that I thought I’m going to die there. After some time I felt dizzy and shaky, drivers were rushing like a madman and the whole trip seemed to become disastrous.

However, thanks to that, we managed to meet a very charming couple from Poland. After trying to hitch a ride, all wasted and barely standing, they were the only people that offered us help and drove us to Capo Vaticano. At the end of our trip, it turned out that we not only share the passion for travel but also for food. As a result we went to Il Casale and spend an amazing evening together.

So as you may see, sooner or later, you will find your one and only pizza!

Let me know where was the best pizza place in Calabria and share this article if you like it!

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