Visiting Palermo – the most beautiful places and monuments

Palermo, cover

It is difficult to answer the question about the most beautiful places in Palermo without any considering it for a while. The city has so many different attractions to offer that everyone, regardless of interests or lifestyle, will find something interesting. Palermo (as well as the whole Sicily) is a city of contrasts, where bags […]

The most beautiful beaches in Sicily – the eastern part of the island

East Sicily - The most beautiful beaches

Where to find the most beautiful beaches in the eastern part of Sicily? After moving to Catania, it seemed to me that the most special ones are Trapani and Palermo. But the truth is that Sicily is like one small continent and each part of it has something unique to offer, whether, it’s food, architecture […]

How to climb Mount Etna – the highest volcano in Europe?

How to climb Mount Etna

In today’s post, I’ll tell you how I climbed Mount Etna in winter! Before moving to Catania, my knowledge about volcanoes was negligible, especially about these active ones. It seemed to me that the flowing lava represents a cataclysm and a natural disaster, as well as clouds of dark smoke rising from the crater into […]

Sicily: where to eat tasty in Catania? Most popular places

Places to eat tasty in Catania Sicily

Where to eat tasty in Catania? This question comes back to me like a boomerang, sometimes even several times a day!  After several months of living in Catania, I realized that I couldn’t dream of a better place to live, especially with my soft spot for delicious pizza and gluten (and everything that is pistachio!). […]

The most beautiful places in Sicily – the eastern part of the island

Most beautiful place in Eastern Sicily

I know that many of you visit Catania only because it has a well-connected airport with Poland, and then think of how to “escape” somewhere else. After all, Catania is a great base for many other historic, often more “obviously” more beautiful cities in the eastern part of Sicily.  After 3 months of living in […]