Our Sicilian trip didn’t last long – only 3 days. However, it didn’t stop us from seeing as much as possible. After first, very intensive day in Palermo, we only dreamt of resting on the beach. As in this beautiful city it’s not possible to find an attractive place to enjoy a sunbath (the entire shore is “booked” by the harbor), we figured out that the best way is to get to Mondello, that is situated only 10 km from Palermo.

Pizzagirlpatrol in Mondello in Sicily


We didn’t need to think a lot – we just caught the bus (more precisely speaking – it was a bus number 806, from Politeama Theater) and after 30 minutes we were in the paradise. The whole trip to Mondello will cost you only.. 2.80 euro. Yep. One way ticket costs 1.40 euro. It’s a strong argument in favor of going there.

Mondello in Sicily

Meeting the summer in the beginning of May was an incredible experience for us! As I come from Poland – it’s not very common for me to sunbathe all day at this time of year. Even in Florence it wasn’t so warm in the end of April. But in Sicily.. definitely summertime! 

Beautiful Mondello in Sicily

Mondello is a very lovely place, however it’s not my number 1 in terms of best views. It’s beautiful, but I prefer…


If you love romantic landscapes, you must definitely visit Cefalu. Why? Take a look at this picture.

Cefalu in Sicily

But how to get there?


The best idea is to take a train. You need to go to the Palermo railway station and buy a ticket in a ticket office or a ticket machine. A timetable you will find on this website

Timetable - Palermo - Cefalu

As you can see, a ticket costs only 5.60 euro and the journey will take you less than hour. During your way to Cefalu, I forbid you to stare at your smartphone. Please don’t do it! Otherwise.. you will miss amazing views!

It’s not another boring and ordinary train ride. In this case, it’s completely different! You will find out why.

I really like this kind of surprises – after all, you need to pay for the ticket anyway. But this time you will have beautiful Sicilian landscapes included.

Cefalu’ is a bit tourist place. However, it wasn’t disturbing for me. We spent a few, wonderful hours there.

Beautiful Cefalu

Sea in Cefalu in Sicily

Amazing Cefalu in Italy

Cute plants in Cefalu

Buildings in Cefalu

Sicily - Cefalu

Cefalu in Sicily, Italy

Sunny day in Cefalu

Amazing Cefalu in Sicily

Do you know some other cities, that are worth visiting from Palermo? Have you been to Mondello or Cefalu?   Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to put a like button on my Facebook to be always up to date! 

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