Sicily in winter – why is it worth going? The greatest attractions

by PizzaGirlPatrol

Is it worth going to Sicily in winter? Will it be warm enough there during this period? Does a short city break in December make sense? I’m already answering you …

Well, winter in Sicily was the most beautiful I have experienced in my life. First of all, because I really hate the cold (although I couldn’t manage to avoid it 100%, but more about that in a moment). I am one of those thermophilic people who need sun to live! This is what gives me energy, motivates me, inspires, makes me just want to get out of bed. And that is why, unfortunately, in our Polish climate, when it’s gray and gloomy for at least 6 months a year, I find myself on average or simply feel unhappy.

And winter in Sicily was completely different from the one I had known for 26 years of my life! But let’s not go to extremes – although Sicily is located in the south of Europe, then don’t prepare yourself for sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the sea. Yes, there may be very warm days (around 20 degrees Celsius), when you can pleasantly lie down on the beach, but winter in Sicily is rather a time for other pleasures, no less attractive than the obvious ones that this Italian island is associated with! And today I will tell you what :))

So why is it worth going to Sicily in winter?


citrus, Sicily
citrus, Sicily

After trying a Sicilian orange for the first time, I realized that I had never really experienced the true taste of an orange before … These Sicilian ones are delicious, sweet, juicy … they just melt in the mouth! And their taste is the most fantastic in Sicily in winter! Moreover, they beautifully decorate Sicilian streets! A visit to one of the Sicilian markets where we sometimes can pay around 80 cents for a kg of these world’s best oranges, is an obligation!


ski from an active volcano, Etna

When I first heard about it, I thought it was crazy, but it’s a fact!

Skiing on the slopes of Mount Etna overlooking the sea? WHY NOT! If someone likes white madness, will find the opportunity in Sicily in winter! There is no shortage of snow, and there two ski resorts on the volcano! I have never had the opportunity to test them myself, but apparently the impressions from the slope are unforgettable!


fireworks, celebration of the fest of St. Agatha, Catania

First of all, the celebration of the feast of St. Agatha in Catania. Each of you who would like to get to know and better understand the Sicilian culture should see this ceremony at least once in your life. This atmosphere cannot be expressed in words!

Sicilians themselves are not particularly religious, but when it comes to patron saints, which are a mixture of faith, tradition and amazing folklore, for these days they change their approach completely. MUST-BE! (here is a full report on the feast of St. Agatha!)


Beauty and the Beast, carnival, Acireale, Sicily

In February, Acireale hosts the most beautiful carnival in Sicily, which is also considered the third most important carnival in Italy! This event made a HUGE impression on me and I really recommend that you take an interest in it, magic in its purest form! You can find more information about it here.


Green meadows in this period in Sicily are something ordinary and at the same time something that you will definitely not experience in winter in Poland. All this together with exotic palm trees and blue skies is a perfect mix!

winter in Sicily
winter in Sicily

It is wonderful to visit cities without the heat and crowds of tourists

Although usually in the season in Sicily you won’t meet such crowds as in Rome or Florence, in winter, sightseeing the greatest monuments (and there are really a lot of them!) is simply much more enjoyable! There are no queues and more importantly – hot weather! When the summer temperatures in Sicily reach even 40 degrees, the only sensible option is to go to the beach and cool off in the sea. Only in the evening, take advantage of the charms of beautiful, baroque towns. And in winter, you can visit it all day long, without any restrictions!

February in Sicily
February in Sicily
January in Sicily, sunset
January in Sicily


You don’t have to wait for the season to start to taste great Sicilian cuisine in one of the many restaurants and feel the true Sicilian atmosphere! The world’s best pistachios, oranges, fresh ricotta, juicy tomatoes, aromatic cheeses, meats and unique sweets are at your fingertips, no matter what the season!

Sicilian food
Sicilian food

And if you would like to get to know the tastiest corners of Eastern Sicily and Catania, sign up to the waiting list for my culinary guides!

Thanks to them, you will learn the addresses of unique bars and restaurants, inaccessible to ordinary tourists, where mainly locals go, and you will save money spent on disappointing food, recommended by random people on Internet who spent little time in Sicily and did not manage to get to know it from the inside out. Click on the banner below for more details!

Have you ever been to Sicily in winter? How did you like it?

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