Sicily: where to eat tasty in Catania? Most popular places

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Where to eat tasty in Catania? This question comes back to me like a boomerang, sometimes even several times a day! 

After several months of living in Catania, I realized that I couldn’t dream of a better place to live, especially with my soft spot for delicious pizza and gluten (and everything that is pistachio!). If I were in your place, I would take a week holidays just to explore the delicious restaurants and street food in Catania.

I’ve always known that the further to south of Italy, the better the food, but what has been happening to me in Catania for the last few months is just crazy! Why had no one told me before that this city is a real paradise and a dream come true for everyone whose heart starts to beat faster at the sight of Italian food?

Today I will share with you the most popular places to eat in Catania. I’ve been living there for 9 months so… you can trust my recommendations!

Breakfast in Insigne Cafe

While culinary habits can be different from region to region of Italy, there’s one thing that they all have in common – sweet breakfasts!

So what’s the best way to start your morning in Sicily? From cornetto (croissant) with PISTACHIO filling, which is hard to find in other parts of this beautiful country. You will definitely buy it in the atmospheric Insigne Cafe, located on via Etnea in the very center of the city. Usually I have it takeaway and keep going. You might sit inside, but remember that then you’ll pay more for breakfast.

In most Italian bars (especially the ones in the center), prices vary depending on whether you eat, standing at the bar (like most Italians) or choose to feast at the table. 

Tip from Pizzagirlpatrol: No matter what cafe you go to, always ask for the cornetto con nutella di pistacchio (not crema di pistacchio)! Sometimes I bought a croissant with crema di pistacchio (darker in color than pistachio nutella) and it was a terrible disappointment. Nutella di pistacchio is much sweeter and more delicious, remember! 

Best street-food in Catania – Pasticceria Savia

You can read about this place in practically every culinary guide to Catania – and rightly so, because it’s brilliant! Extensive selection of tavola calda (typical Catana gluten savory snacks), delicious arancini and probably the best cannolo in town! The place has existed since 1897 and it would be a sin to miss it. 

Tip from Pizzagirlpatrol: In Pasticceria Savia you must try arancino AL RAGU – with mozzarella and meat-tomato sauce inside. World Championship! And if you don’t want to overpay, take them with you (along with coffee) and consume them in the beautiful natural setting – Villa Bellini park, located directly opposite to Pasticceria Savia. 

Vermut – best aperitivo in Catania

My favorite place in Catania? I can answer without hesitation – Vermut! This place is perfect in every way. It offers not only low, attractive prices – a glass of wine (della casa – home-made) for 2 euros, delicious, high-quality Italian snacks (cheese, ham) in the range of 2-5 euros, but also a relaxed, amazing atmosphere that will make you feel there just like home. 

Would you like to taste a bit of Sicilian party madness? Come to Vermut after 11 PM – I guarantee there will be crowds! And if you need some fashion inspiration, you’ll come home with a head full of ideas. Sicilians (and especially Sicilian women) at the weekend dress even more chic than usual (is it even possible?!). 
Gluten tip from Pizzagirlpatrol: Order the toast with ricotta cheese and (very!) Spicy Nduja sausage. It’s finger-licking!

Trattoria del Cavagliere – to taste Sicilian cuisine

Where to try the classics of Sicilian cuisine? If you want to eat cheap and tasty, the choice is obvious: Trattoria del Cavagliere. it’s an atmospheric restaurant in the center of the city. Pasta for 4 euro, liter of wine for the same price 

Gluten tip from Pizzagirlpatrol: Be sure to try the pasta alla norma, typical for Catania, i.e. pasta with eggplant, tomatoes and the ricotta salata cheese found only in Sicily. Yummy! 

Pizzeria Al Vicolo – the most popular pizzeria in Catania

The most popular pizzeria in the city is crowded late in the evening and at weekends. Everyone attends it – both Sicilians and tourists.

Classic Italian pizza (with crispy edges) is huge, so I recommend ordering one in half, unless you are really soooo hungry. It’s an extremely atmospheric place – a beautiful interior, pleasant music, perfect for a date, celebrating some success or a simple meeting with family and friends. 

Tip from Pizzagirlpatrol: Don’t go there on the weekend after 10pm! I was waiting over an hour with the reservation. It’s best to go there during hours that are less obvious to Italians – e.g. between 5 pm and 8 pm. 

What good and where did you eat in Catania? Let me know in the comment and follow my Instagram profile for more food tips!

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