Where to eat the best Italian pizza in Berlin?

by Pizza Girl Patrol
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Berlin has a lot to offer in terms of cooking. Regardless of what kind of cuisine you are the biggest fans, you will find almost 100% in this city what you are looking for. I have already written here about where to go for a delicious kebab, an iconic burger or a unique Thai street food:

In this post, I decided to focus on Italian cuisine, and more specifically – pizza! Where to find the best in Berlin? You don’t have to think about it anymore – as usual, I did thorough research on this issue and visited the tastiest pizzerias. See for yourself!

Italian Sironi bakery in Markthalle Neun

If you’re a real #pizzalover, then you must drop by to Markthalle Neun and have a piece of pizza with Sironi for breakfast! A delicious, wonderfully crunchy dough on the outside, soft inside, creamy mozzarella and tomato sauce gave me a solid injection of endorphins in the morning. They also added a lot of strength for further sightseeing, because this one piece (2.50 euros) was really full.

The bakery offers many types of the highest quality breads, focaccia, pizza and … Italian cornetto with PISTACCHIO filling. Ahh, you can only imagine how much it cost me to pass by him indifferently! Well, but I’m PIZZAGIRLPATROL and I have to be guided in my life by priorities – I just had to leave room for it in my tummy.


Zola is located in one of the charming courtyards of my favourite Kreuzberg district full of beautiful street art. If you are fans of real, classic Neapolitan pizza, then go there!

High-quality ingredients – delicious cake, tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella … Rapid teleportation to Naples guaranteed! Prices like everywhere in Berlin – Margherita costs 8 euros, which is quite expensive in my opinion.

Don’t forget to bring cash! You won’t pay by card at the Zola pizzeria.


At Malafemmena I ate one of the best Neapolitan pizzas recently. No wonder, because the pizzeria has a certificate of real Neapolitan pizza issued by an Italian association – Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). This means that it meets stringent conditions for baking Neapolitan pizza. Eating it, I actually felt that every element speaks for the highest quality!

The restaurant is located quite a bit from the centre, in the Schöneberg district. It has a very nice interior, and the beautiful smell of pizza rises just after crossing the threshold of the restaurant. In addition, a truly Italian crew ensures that everything is fine! I ordered a classic take-away Margherita in a hurry and it was perfect for every purpose. Just look at her picture! You don’t have any doubts about it tasting great?

Gazzo Pizza, or Neapolitan in German style

Gazzo Pizza is one of the most interesting points on the gastronomic map of Berlin! This place is soooo #instagramable so fans of this type of spot will have their hands full. This means that the restaurant has a really beautiful, artistic interior.

Gazzo is located in the atmospheric Neukölln district (where is also my favourite rooftop bar) and has a very interesting, unusual approach to Neapolitan pizza!

The owners decided to be inspired by the Italian approach to the quality of ingredients, with the difference that instead of importing them all from Italy … they put on their local German products! Effect? Interesting! I honestly admit that I prefer classic Neapolitan, but this pizza is also worth attention!

In addition, in Gazzo they use sourdough instead of baking yeast and thanks to that after eating pizza we will feel lighter than usual. Restaurant prices are fairly standard (i.e. high) – Margherita costs 8.5 euros, other pizzas with toppings already above 10 euros.

And where did you eat the best Italian pizza in Berlin? Let me know in the comment! And be sure to share this article with others #pizzalovers! And don’t forget to follow my Instagram!

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