Last year I was living alone on Erasmus emigration, far away from my family and friends. Easter time was coming and my parents came up with a way to spend this time with me. Why not to meet each other in Milan and visit our family living in Aosta?

As you can guess, they didn’t need to convince me. I packed my stuff and on 15 April I got on the Flixbus in Florence. Then, after 4 hours I got to Milan. I have already described what to see there and where is the best pizza.


The best way is to find a cheap flight to Milan. Then, you can get to Aosta with Flixbus – it takes about 3 hours and costs only 8 euro.

My parents came by car to Milan and it took as about 2 hours to get to Aosta. We chose local paths, because that motorway is one of the most expensive in Italy – it costs about 20 euro.


A quick question: do you love mountains? If so, how is it possible that you still haven’t been there?

Aosta Valley is just breathtaking. When you take a highway (or local paths) and see so many amazing views that you can’t focus on anything else – it means you are in Italy.

Motorway to Aosta

As I’ve been living by the sea all my life, I feel really excited when being surrounded by mountains. Especially this kind of mountains.

Mountains in Aosta Valley

From Aosta is really close to France. You can even admire the famous Mont Blanc in a good weather conditions!


I will not lie to you – I am not keen on the winter and I don’t ski. It’s not for me. The only motivation would be Aperol Spritz and pizza waiting for me at the top.. Maybe one day someone set this kind of trap for me and I will be forced to come up on the mountain peak in this way!

However, I know that some of you like this sport and look for nice places to go skiing/snowboard. If so, I have the good news for you! Pila is one of the biggest ski resorts in that area. You can get there by cable car from Aosta and it will take you 20 minutes. You will find more information here. I heard that it’s nice to go there during the summer too!


Aosta - small Rome

Do you know that it was the Romans that built Aosta? There are many places that confirm that fact – just look at front gates, city walls and a Roman theatre that is in located the center.

Aosta Valley


I would say that trip to Courmayeur is your MUST-DO during your stay in Aosta. The town is situated at an altitude of 2755 m. It’s only 35 km from Aosta the scenery is admiring, especially the view of Mont Blanc. I recommend you to go there by car (it can be the only way).

Courmayeur in Italy

Pizzalover in Aosta, Italy


It was difficult to get hungry after Easter time, but fortunately I managed to do it! It was neccessary because I had to check the taste of pizza in Aosta!

You should be aware that in Italy each region has its tradition and different pizza habits. In Aosta they rather don’t eat Neapolitan pizza – they prefer thin and crispy dough. I went to Moderna – the restaurant that was recommend to me by my Italian family. The pizza was exactly like I described it before.

Pizza in Moderna in Aosta

Moderna is a two-storey local, filled with pizzalovers. I ordered pizza with salame (6 euro) and 0,5 of wine (4,50 euro). Pizza was very tasty, but not the best in my life. I think that a big amount of tourists that is coming there has a bad influence on the quality that could be a bit better.

However, if you go to Aosta, check this place and let me know your thoughts. Do you know some nice pizza places in Aosta? Let me know in the comments!

I have a really great TIP for you. If you come to Aosta, you must definitely visit local outlets. These prices are so low that it’s a pure paradise. A pair of Nike shoes for 20 euro? Have a good shopping!

P.S. On our way back to Florence, we went to Genua for an hour and I know that I have to come back there!

Genoa, Italy, center

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