Why to go to Florence?


Florence is like a one big art museum. No matter which street you choose – there will be probably something amazing. It can be a beautiful sculpture, unic street-art, cute signboard or.. a window shop of Louis Vuitton, with a special edition of bags, inspired by Van Gogh or Rubens.

Louis Vuitton in Florence

May it just be another amazing sunset or performance of street artist? Never mind. They are “little things” that definitely brighten a daily routine.

When you live in the different city for a longer period and then you come back home – you leave a piece of yourself in that city forever. You leave it in places, you loved to spend time, in conversations you carried on there, in people, that you are not sure to meet again. The truth is that you unconsciously get in the relationship with the city – after moving out, you remember only its advantages.

It was exactly like this with Florence. Even if I was angry with her in the beginning (yeah, I was crazy!) – because of the daily huge amount of encountered tourists and high prices – now I miss Florence. Like it was my ex-boyfriend, with whom I spent beautiful moments, but we had to break up.

Streets in Florence

When you just think, that the same streets were walking Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Dante centuries ago, the walk takes on a new meaning. While living in Florence, I liked to take a camera with me and went where my feets took me.

Inspired by photos that I’ve taken, I decided to share with you things that I felt in love with Florence.


It’s a very long subject.. Because of that, I will create another article, dedicated only to this topic. I have already made a small introduction to this subject here. First I felt in love with a street-art, then in Florence. Now these two terms don’t exist separately to me.

Street-art in Florence

Cute bike and street-art, Florence

Street-art, Florence, Italy

Clet, street-art in Florence


Sunset and Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

Sunset and Santa Maria del Fiore

Sun in Florence, Italy


I need to repeat myself – I am attached to this building very much. I can sit on a bench in front of Duomo and look and look and look.. The best moment to admire Santa Maria del Fiore is night – then there are no tourists, no chaos and you can form a very intimate relationship with Duomo. :))

Beautiful Duomo in Florence


Let’s suppose that it’s 8.05 AM and you are a bit late for Italian classes in Alfani street. All you need to do is turn your head for literally half a second – to see the wall stretching along the street and sheets of paper sticked to it. Not ordinary sheets of paper – there are Italian poems on them. Isn’t it cute? Just one single glance at these street poems and the day starts to be beautiful from the very morning.

Poems in Florence streets

Artistic post in Florence



This point should probably concern whole of Italy, not only Florence. I observed this phenomenom many times.. It doesn’t matter if there are young people or old.. No matter if they meet during the day for a coffee or during the evening for a wine. They just sit down and start.. talking. In such an ordinary way, with a big involvement and excessive gesticulation. There is no awkward silence. You can be surprised because it’s very difficult to meet something like WIFI in Italian cafes.. And what’s more, no-one cares about it! You will not meet Starbucks, Costa Coffee or other hipster places.

Cafes in Florence


I love Clet and his art. It’s another thing in Florence, that makes the reality better. Finally, his idea was genius – why not to bring a little life to serious, boring and schematic road signs?

Clet in Florence


After coming back to Poland, I had a biggest problem to get used to.. low quality commercials around me. It has an impact on our aesthetic feeling. Commercials I meet in Poland are usually dull and bland. But I like watching beautiful things, even if they are commercials. They can be well done. And they are – in Florence.

Louis Vuitton in Florence, bag

Beautiful window shops in Florence

Guess commercial in Florence

And what about you? Did you fall in love with Florence? Let me know in comments!

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