White Beaches in Italy


White Beaches - Rosignano Solvay

Being Erasmus means having many obligations.. like going to trips almost every weekend. Unfortunately it’s impossible to be everywhere and sometimes it’s hard to make a decision if it is better to go or to give it a miss.

Therefore, when one Saturday my friends asked me if I go with them to White Beaches with ESN, I replied assertively “no”. Why? I don’t know, maybe because I didn’t associate the name so I didn’t expect anything special of this place.

That’s why appearances can be deceiving. There are so many famous places in Italy, that sometimes, when someone tells you about something new and not so popular in the same time, you may consider it as unattractive – just because you haven’t heard about it before.

Then I saw this picture:

White Beaches Italy

I was speechless. Why didn’t I go there?! Is it true that they were on one of Italian beaches? Is this place really only 2 hours from Florence?

Yes, yes and yes.

Rosignano is not so popular like some other places in Italy, however in my opinion it’s definitely worth going there when you are around Tuscany. I couldn’t believe that this “exotic” beaches are situated so close to Florence.


Like always, we have to get to Stazione Santa Maria Novella – main railway station in Florence. I attach below an exemplary schedule.

Florence - Rosignano - schedule

You can find a direct connection – the journey takes 1h 36 minutes, and a ticket costs 11.60 euro. From what I’ve seen in the schedule, most of connections are with a one change in Pisa – the ticket price won’t be different. Unfortunately there are no students discounts in Italy.

You can buy a ticket on this website – or in the ticket office or ticket automaton in railway station.


Rosignano - railway station

After leaving the railway station in Rosignano, you should head for the left side – you will need about 15 minutes to get to the beach referred to in article.


When you get there, you will see incredibly beautiful, white beach and sky-blue sea. This view made a big impression on me – personally I haven’t seen something like this before in my life.

Rosignano Solvey

White Beaches

The drawback of this place is that it wasn’t created by nature. These outstanding colors are artificial – they are the result of substances (including soda), draining from the factory situated nearby. Nevertheless, I recommend to go there at least once – just to see these fabulous colors.

Bath in the sea in Rosignano

I’ve been there twice, in May and June – there were a lot of people, but it wasn’t so difficult to find a free spot. About 4 p.m. it starts to be calmer and the atmosphere  is more relaxing.

Pizza and Rosignano

Next to the beach exit, there is a beach bar – when we went there first time, we participated in the afternoon party on the fresh air and it was so amazing. After spending a long day in the sun, I was full of positive energy and I didn’t expect anything more. It turned out that it could be even better – we were dancing to the good music with Italian people, watching beautiful sunset in the same time. It was a perfect day!

Bar in Rosignano Solvey in Tuscany

Sunset in Rosignano

What about you? Have you ever been to Rosignano?

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