Port w Viareggio


More less from the middle of May it starts to be very hot in Florence. The best solution then is to organise one-day stay by the sea. Fortunately we are only one hour and half away from the blissful relaxation on one of the Tuscan beaches – in Viareggio

My report comes from the August – there was no need to escape from the heat from Florence then, but I am a girl from the sea and I felt a strong need to find myself next to the water!


First of all, we have to get to Santa Maria Novella railway station, where my almost every trip started and finished when I was living in Florence. The cheapest option is to choose the train Regionale – a ticket costs 9,70 and the journey takes 1h 40 minutes. There are no discounts in Italy – if you are a student you will not get any advantages of this. Here you can find a precise timetable.

Timetable - Florence - Viareggio


The beach in Viareggio

Viareggio is a very lovely city. I don’t know how crowded it is during holidays, however in April it was very calm and nice. I heard that the beach there is not the best – in fact it wasn’t  the cleanest by the shore, but in general it wasn’t so bad. On the plus side, the beach is very sandy, beautiful and wide. It always make a huge impression on me when I can admire the sea and mountains in the same time.

Palms in Viareggio

Living in Viareggio is much more calm than in Florence and prices are lower.

Buildings and boy in Viareggio

The promenade in Viareggio

Unfortunately I haven’t eaten anything tasty, because we were visiting the city in the afternoon, when almost all worth going restaurants are closed, because at that time Italians have a break. Take it into account while planning a trip somewhere! Finally we managed to eat a quick pizza somewhere, but it’s definitely not worth recommending! At least that not tasty pizza posed for the picture nicely!

Pizzagirlpatrol and pizza in Viareggio

In Viareggio you will find beautiful building in the pretty pastels colours and a promenade, where you will find a lot of shops of Italian, famous brands in case you get the urge to go shopping. It’s also worth to go for a walk in the harbor area.

Nice buildings in Viareggio

Port area in Viareggio

Port in Viareggio


Statue of Burlamacco in Viareggio

Statue of Burlamacco – symbol of Carnival in Viareggio

It turns out that right after Venice, Viareggio is the city, where an incredibly big celebration of Italian Carnival takes place! I regret not knowing about this fact in February! If I had known, surely I would have taken a part in it! Especially, that I encountered this article and after seeing all these amazing celebration pictures I am very sorry that I hadn’t experienced that (and I was so close to this city!). So you can’t make the same mistake as I did!

Have you ever been to Viareggio? Did you like it? Let me know!

In my FLORENCE GUIDE I will publish the second part of this article soon – with one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life! 

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