Exploring Florence is composed of some characteristic points – one of them is visiting museums and especially Uffizi Gallery. I am sure that everyone who plans the trip to the legendary Renaissance City, has a plan to take in at least one museum of many offered by Florence. 

I think that it’s necessary (even if someone is not a keen on art) in order to meet the spirit of the town – provided that you stay in Florence more than 1 day (otherwise it doesn’t make sense to go there in rush).

Important information – every first Sunday of month, there is a free entrance to all museums!

For people who love art and have a plan to see literally all art places in Florence, I recommend to buy a Firenze Card – it costs 72 euro, you can see 72 museums and you have 72 hours to use it.

Now I will describe very few museums I’ve been – you know, Erasmus matters, travels etc. However I am happy that I haven’t seen all – thanks to it I will find another 1000 reasons to come back to Florence!


Pizzagirlpatrol in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Uffizi Gallery is absolutely number 1 and must-see in Florence. Amazing gallery, where you will find masterpieces of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rubens and Caravaggio. Amazing views of Florence spread from the gallery! For the usual sightseeing you should prepare about 3 hours.

The Birth of Venus in the Uffizi Gallery

Costs of tickets – as I saw, a normal ticket costs 8 euro, reduced 4 euro when you buy in a ticket office. If you decide to buy online (in this way you will skip lines), tickets are about twice more expensive.

The art work of Caravaggio - Medusa

A painting in the Uffizi Gallery

A painting with a baby in Uffizi Gallery

The sculpture of Angels in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Medusa souvenir from Uffizi Gallery

My way of skipping lines to Uffizi Gallery. I mentioned before that on every first Sunday of month there is a free entrance to all museums. You can imagine that it cause enormous queues – therefore I will give you a hint how to play it strategically. Quite accidentally, after a late Saturday night, me and my friend didn’t manage to get up at dawn and get in line. Instead of this, we met in the afternoon and with no rush we went to have an Italian breakfast and cappuccino. Our conversations stalled a bit and eventually we arrived in the Uffizi Gallery about 4 p.m. It turned out that it was a bull’s eye and our procrastination worked out well for us – there was almost noone in the line (and a few hours before the time of waiting in a line was about 2 hours!). It seems like sometimes it’s not worth being in rush and it’s better just to live in the moment!

By the way, there are amazing views of Florence from Uffizi Gallery !

The view of Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi Gallery

The view of Palazzo Vecchio and Duomo from the Uffizi Gallery

The amazing view of Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio from the Uffizi Gallery


Michelangelo's David sculpture in the Accademia Gallery

You will find there one of a kind, famous and original David’s sculpture. My first impression was – he is much bigger than you can imagine! I remember that it surprised me a lot – I had a different imagination after watching so many pictures of him in the Internet. In my opinion it’s something you must see at least once in your life – it’s the amazing experience. You will find there a work of Raphael Santi and Botticelli too.

Costs of tickets: 8 euro a normal, 4 euro reduced – when you book online, the situation looks similar as in the case of Uffizi Gallery.


The building of Museo Novecento in Florence

This museum shouldn’t be placed on stage when it comes to Florence, however I love a modern art and therefore in my one of the latest days  before the departure I decided to go there.

This museum is dedicated to Italian artists and their masterpieces from XX century. If you want to relax a bit and take a break from touristic places, you should definitely go there. It’s situated very close to the Santa Maria Novella station.

Prices of tickets – 8.50 euro – normal, 4 euro – reduced.

A painting in the Museo Novecento in Florence

Photos in Museum Novecento

Photos in the Novecento Museum in Florence

Painting in the Novecento Museum in Florence

Novecento Museum in Florence


I would like to recommend you other museums, that I didn’t reach, but I am sure that it’s worth going there.

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And in which museums have you been in Florence? Let me know in the comments! 

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