Pisa – what to see? Where is the best pizza?

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Many times while living in Florence, I’ve faced the opinion that Pisa is only associated with The Leaning Tower and nothing else. I’ve never been there before, so it wasn’t too hard to believe it and as a result, I tried to postpone my trip as much as I could. Then came this moment.. My Italian friend from Urbino visited me. She told me that there’s a restaurant, which serves such a heavenly pizza that even her school collegues go there to eat it and post a pic on Instagram. After hearing that I’ve been on cloud nine, having just one image on my mind – going to dinner in Pisa next Sunday!


Approach road is a doodle – we go to the Santa Maria Novella Station buy tickets in the Ticket Machine (it costs around 8 Euros for one way ticket), we approach the train and in the next hour we arrive at Pisa. Trains shuttle all the time, so planning specifically our way back is not necessary.


Getting from the train station in Pisa to the Leaning Tower takes about 15 minutes. Meanwhile we walk around boardwalk, which is filled with various shops such as H&M, Zara, Stradivarius etc. Also we past a bridge and a river.

The view of beautiful Pisa


Afternoons, it’s a perfect place to chill out, grab a beer, contemplate a bit or simply observe how “true” Italians behave. Why “true”? I live in Florence for some time and unfortunately, it is too easy to see the tremendous amount of tourists flowing from every possible direction. And it doesn’t matter if it’s for high prices or the atmosphere which in the city centre turns out to be more international than Italian.

However, Pisa is different. You might see Italians and the prices are much lower. And the pace of life is definitely slower, more relaxed. As a result, I’ve been to Pisa two times and every single time it was incredible and sweet, definitely a time of wonderful relaxation. I simply love the atmosphere of this place.

Streets of Pisa

Man sitting on the monument in Pisa

Coffee break in Pisa

The Leaning Tower and the Cathedral next to it impress many. In front of them you can find blooming ground where you might chill out after a long selfie session with Leaning Tower.

Leaning Tower and Pizzagirlpatrol


But hey… Let’s not kid ourselves. I didn’t come to Pisa to take a selfie with Leaning Tower. I was drawned to it by this tempting information about tasty pizza. After taking the one and only perfect shot with Torre Pendente, which of course sucked us out of energy, we rushed to the legendary L’Arciere which was close to the nearby bridge, being hungry as a hunter. Well, I was devastated. This was my MAIN reason why I came here. And it turned out that L’Arciere is closed on Sundays, and we were mislead by Facebook.

As you probably guess, I didn’t give up that easy and came here again after 3 weeks. Finally, I’ve managed to eat that legendary pizza. In summary – this pizza is amazing, original, Neapolitan, and the price depends on the type of pizza. Diavola is 8 Euro, 0.5l of wine costs 4 Euro + coperto 1.50 Euro per person.

The best pizza in Pisa

The best pizza in Pisa

Pizzeria L’arciere 

Address: Via la Nunziatina, 14, 56125 Pisa

Opening hours: 19-23.30 (call them to be sure, in google it is written that it’s closed on Monday, when I was in April it was closed on Sunday) 


Next time I’ve came here was during the Earth Day. Streets were filled with breathtaking flowers and flower-shaped cartons which were to be painted by traversers. Awesome initiative!

Art in Pisa

Earth day in Pisa

Flowers in Pisa - Earth's Day


 I’m a big fan of street art, and Pisa is a great place where you can find it basically everywhere.

Street-art in Pisa

Another street-art in Pisa

Street-art - Pisa

Pisa street-art

Too much order lead to mess

Another street-art in Pisa

Explore the world inside you 

Street in Pisa in Italy

Street-art in Pisa spring

Street-art in Pisa by Blub

Blub street-art in Pisa

I believe that Pisa is not only associated with Leaning Tower. Pisa means delicious pizza, sweet, careless atmosphere, friendly Italians, breathtaking street art and many interesting initiatives. This is a place which is worth visiting again.

Sophia Loren eating pizza

Pizzeria L’arciere

More pizza on my Instagram!

Have you ever been in Pisa? How are your feelings about this city? Share your opinion with me in comments! 🙂

By the way, from Pisa is very close to Viareggio..

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